How You Can Properly Dispose Of Your Polish Remover Container


Throwing waste into the streets or down the drain is a fairly common habit, particularly if the waste is small in size. It is not a surprise to come across a paint container or a hair dye container when you are taking a walk in your neighborhood. The problem with throwing rubbish away instead of disposing of it properly is that you could be putting your life as well as other people's lives in danger.

20 March 2017

Why Residential Skip Hire Would Be Ideal For You


If you are engaging in a project that will generate a lot of waste, you would have to consider how to dispose of this waste so as to prevent it from accumulating on your property. Some homeowners tend to think that opting to take this waste to their local tip would be a cost effective option. However, this is not entirely true. Here are some of the reasons why residential skip hire would be ideal for you.

7 June 2016

Important Tips For Safe Handling Of Asbestos


Undertaking DIY repairs around the house is often touted as the best way to save money on residential repairs. However, this may not always be the safest of options. DIY homeowners need to be informed on the safe handling and removal of hazardous waste materials emanating from these repairs. Being that asbestos is one of the most common residential hazardous waste materials, here are a few tips on asbestos handling and safe for the hands-on kind of homeowner.

2 November 2015

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Skip Bin


Skip bins are considered one of the most convenient, efficient and affordable ways of disposing trash and junk material when carrying out construction and renovation projects. There are various companies that one can approach for skip hire, who avail skip bins and offer waste disposal services. Before approaching a company, there are various factors to consider regarding the type of a skip bin that you need for your waste disposal needs.

14 October 2015