Factors to Consider When Choosing a Skip Bin


Skip bins are considered one of the most convenient, efficient and affordable ways of disposing trash and junk material when carrying out construction and renovation projects. There are various companies that one can approach for skip hire, who avail skip bins and offer waste disposal services. Before approaching a company, there are various factors to consider regarding the type of a skip bin that you need for your waste disposal needs. Some of these factors include the following.

Size of skip bin

This is the first thing to determine, which will be based on the amount of waste you will be generating on your project site. Skip bins come in different sizes and weight capacities. If you will be disposing heavy materials such as concrete, it is important to choose a bin whose weight capacity can handle the waste. It is wise to always hire a slightly bigger bin than the one you think you will need. This is because, if you overfill the skip bin beyond its capacity, you may be charged additional fees. In other cases, you may be required to remove some waste in case the disposal truck is not able to lift the bin due to overfilling.

Type of waste

Skip bins are made using different materials for different types of waste; therefore when choosing a company for skip hire, it is good to know the most suitable bin for your needs. It is unadvisable to use a skip bin for disposal of waste that it is not designed for. Some of the types of bins based on type of waste include the following.

  • General skip bins. These bins are used for disposal of general waste such as household and kitchen waste, garden cuttings, loose bricks, concrete, toys, old clothing, carpeting materials, bricks and timber. They are cost effective and can be used for both commercial and residential purposes.
  • Green bins. These are suitable for projects that generate green waste such as landscaping projects and backyard renovations. It can be used for tree leaves and branches, grass trimmings, old plants and dead plant matter.
  • Scrap metal skip bins. These are used for disposal of large sizes of scrap metal. They are usually large in size to accommodate large pieces of metal. They are usually used commercially in factories to clear out large metals in factories to avoid any personal injuries that can result from idly lying scrap metal.
  • Brick and concrete skip bins. These are designed to hold large amounts of concrete and brick in construction sites. They are designed to accommodate heavier weights than other skip bins and usually have high weight restrictions to allow project workers to dispose as much concrete and brick waste as generated during the day.

Skip bin features

Skip bins come in different features that are meant to ease transportation. You can have one that comes with or without a door, lifting plugs, forklift pockets and tipping lugs. Features that ease lifting are essential where the skip bin will be lifted by a truck. Skip bins can also be stackable when you need to hire more than one.

The location of the skip bin is essential, especially to ease transfer of waste. If possible, have the company place a bin near your project site for easy access. Skip bins can be custom-made or readymade. If you need one with specific features and configurations, you can contact a skip hire company, such as McSkips, to see if they manufacture these bins to have one that suits your specific needs.


14 October 2015

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