Important Tips For Safe Handling Of Asbestos


Undertaking DIY repairs around the house is often touted as the best way to save money on residential repairs. However, this may not always be the safest of options. DIY homeowners need to be informed on the safe handling and removal of hazardous waste materials emanating from these repairs. Being that asbestos is one of the most common residential hazardous waste materials, here are a few tips on asbestos handling and safe for the hands-on kind of homeowner.

Protective Gear For Handling Asbestos Containing Material

It is paramount for homeowners to invest in proper protective gear before they can handle any asbestos containing material. A half-face filter respirator is better at preventing the inhalation of asbestos dust and fibers as compared to an ordinary gas mask.

Disposable coveralls without external pockets are also recommended for asbestos handling. They help to prevent contamination of the homeowner's footwear and clothing in addition to preventing physical contact with asbestos fibers. Hand-gloves should also not be forgotten when planning to work with asbestos.

The importance of protective gear when handling asbestos cannot be emphasized enough.

How To Handle Asbestos Containing Materials

As a general rule of thumb, homeowners should never interfere with asbestos containing materials that show no signs of damage or disturbance. This is because asbestos only becomes a hazard when the fibers are exposed and distributed in such a way that produces dust. Otherwise, the asbestos containing material should be left in its original place.

If the asbestos containing material is damaged, it is a good idea for homeowners to embrace alternative ways of dealing with the problem instead of rushing to undertake removal. These alternatives include covering the damaged material with non-asbestos products, sealing the damaged portion of the material, or even painting it. These alternatives are inherently safer than undertaking asbestos removal as they reduce the degree of exposure to asbestos fibers. Removal should be the last option for a DIY homeowner, and is only a viable option for firmly-bound asbestos containing materials. Handling of materials that contain loosely bound asbestos fibers should be left for professional asbestos removalists.  

It is also important for homeowners to wet down the damaged asbestos containing material thoroughly before commencing any work on them.  The material should be kept wet throughout the activity so as to minimize the release of asbestos dust and fibers.

Asbestos Disposal

While skip bin hire is a great thing for most DIY projects, it won't be enough for hazardous materials like asbestos. There are stringent laws that govern the safe disposal of hazardous waste materials, which are often not known to the average homeowner. For this reason, it is better for homeowners to hire the services of a garbage removal company that specializes in the disposal of hazardous waste materials.   


2 November 2015

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