How You Can Properly Dispose Of Your Polish Remover Container


Throwing waste into the streets or down the drain is a fairly common habit, particularly if the waste is small in size. It is not a surprise to come across a paint container or a hair dye container when you are taking a walk in your neighborhood. The problem with throwing rubbish away instead of disposing of it properly is that you could be putting your life as well as other people's lives in danger. Polish remover containers, for instance, may end up irritating the eyes or skin of an innocent child somewhere when the child picks up the container and starts to play with it. In fact, acetone polish removers are considered to be hazardous waste material.

What Is Hazardous Waste?

Hazardous waste is waste that has certain characteristics that make the waste harmful to the environment or human health; the waste can be poisonous, explosive in nature, eco-toxic, infectious or flammable.

What Dangers Do Acetone Polish Removers Possess?

Acetone polish removers are hazardous because they contain acetone, a highly flammable, colorless liquid. This liquid poses serious threat to human health as it is capable of irritating the eye, the skin, and the lungs. And not only can it harm the playful kids in the streets but it can also hurt your kids and other people at home who are not aware of its consequences. It is also advisable to dispose of polish remover containers immediately after you are done with them as long term exposure to acetone can damage the nervous system. 

What Is The Proper Way Of Getting Rid Of Polish Removers?

Desist from throwing away your polish removers in the streets or flushing them down your toilet. Waste from your toilet and sink goes through a treatment process but the process is not designed to filter out chemicals like acetone. These chemicals therefore escape and may find their way into the soil where they can end up destroying plants and animals.

The proper way of disposal is to put the polish remover in a metal container that is lined with a plastic rubbish bag. Then you can mix the bag with other rubbish without worrying about the acetone. Putting the polish remover directly in a plastic bag or throwing it in the trash can is not advisable. Someone may flick a lit cigarette into the trash can and if there is some acetone present in the polish remover, an explosion can occur. But putting the polish remover in a metal container prevents the explosion.

Keep these tips in mind whether you are using your household bins or have rented a big bin from a bin hire company for a large cleaning project.


20 March 2017

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