Domestic Garbage Removal: Finding the Right Location for Your Skip Bin


If you have decided to hire a skip bin so you can remove garbage from your property, you may be wondering about the best place to put it so it can be easily accessed. Below is a guide to some of the locations you may wish to consider.

The driveway 

If your property has a driveway, this may seem like the obvious location for your skip bin. The driveway offers a number of advantages. The primary advantage is that it should be relatively easy for the truck which drops off your skip bin to access the space. However, when ordering your skip bin, you should check the measurements with the hire company so you can be certain that your driveway is wide enough. If other residents have communal access to the driveway, you should always check it is OK to block the drive with a skip bin before you begin work.

The garden

If you do not have access to a driveway, you may be considering having a skip bin positioned on your garden lawn. While this is a reasonable solution, you need to be aware that the weight of the skip bin will exert considerable pressure on your lawn if it is placed directly onto the grass. When the skip bin is removed, you may find that it leaves behind a patch of compressed and damaged grass. To avoid this issue, you can prop the skip bin up on wooden beams which will reduce the amount of grass which is damaged.

The street

If you don't have access to a driveway or lawn, you may have no option but to ask for the skip bin to be deposited on the street outside your home. While this is a good option, it is important that you check with the local council about any rules and regulations which are in place. Most local councils have rules in place which are designed to ensure that the skip bin does not create a hazard to other road users or pedestrians. For example, the skip bin may need to be clear of the sidewalk. You may be required to ensure that lights are placed on the skip bin at night to ensure the drivers of other vehicles can see it.

If you would like further information, you should contact a garbage removal company which specialise in the supply of skip bins for domestic use.


28 April 2019

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