The Cleanup After the Storm: The Best Way to Tidy Your Backyard


Australia is home to only 0.32% of the world's total population, and yet it's also home to 16% of the cyclones that occur across the world each year. Admittedly, many of these cyclones blow themselves out before they reach land or are downgraded to a tropical storm (which can still be pretty darn potent). And this doesn't even include the bouts of extreme weather that can be unleashed. You could go your whole life without ever having to worry about it (and hopefully this is going to be the case), but cleaning up after a storm is something that many Australians will have to do at some point. The amount of cleaning required is naturally going to depend on the strength of the storm, but it's not always going to be as easy as picking up a few twigs that have snapped off. Would you know the best way to clean up after a strong storm?

Should You Start Right Away?

Looking out at the mess strewn across your backyard, it can be tempting to get right out there and get to work. But has Mother Nature finished with you just yet? Before commencing work, check the weather forecast to make sure those storm systems are definitely heading away from you. A detailed, hourly forecast is best.

Is the Area Safe? 

Before you jump in and get started, make sure the area you're cleaning is safe. Be mindful of fallen electrical lines and sewage pipes that have overflowed. These matters will need to be professionally restored, but for minor hazards (such as broken glass), you can still begin to clean your backyard once you've put on the appropriate safety gear (namely sturdy shoes and gloves).

Just Because You Can Clean, Should You?

In terms of damage to your property, it's not always the best choice to clean up yourself, even if you're perfectly capable of doing so. Perhaps a tree has come down on a fence or your patio. When an insurance claim will be made, it can be necessary to leave the damage as-is so that it can be inspected by an insurance assessor. Ask your insurance provider for more information before removing anything.

How Much Mess Is There?

The amount of debris and damaged items that need to be discarded is probably going to exceed the capabilities of your household wheelie bin. When a lot needs to be thrown out, rent a skip bin quickly. A lot of other people will have had the same idea, and available skip bins in your area could become a scarcity.

Fingers are well and truly crossed that you'll never have to deal with the aftermath of a violent storm, but it's important to follow the right process if it should ever happen to you.


13 December 2018

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