Unless You Want to Spend More on Your Skip Bin Hire, Avoid These 3 Things


Skip bins are the ideal solution to your rubbish removal needs. However, make a mistake in hiring a skip bin or use it the wrong way and you will end up spending more than you should. There are many aspects that can increase your skip bin hire costs, and if you are new to skip bin services, you can pay more than you were expecting. Therefore, here is what you should be keen to avoid.

Ordering Your Skip Bin at the Last Minute

Timing is important when it comes to hiring a skip bin. Ordering a skip bin on the same day you intend to dispose of garbage from your home could be a simple invitation to paying more. Many skip bin companies charge more for orders and deliveries made on short notice. Therefore, if you have plans for a home clean-out project on a weekend, for instance, book your skip bin in advance. You may be able to get better rates.

Failing to Sort Out Your Waste

If you are new to skip bin services, it is easy to assume that everything can go into any skip bin. That's not the case, and there are strict laws concerning waste disposal and the types of waste or garbage that can go into skip bins. That's because some types of waste, such as asbestos, are considered hazardous and have to be handled carefully in their own specialised skip bins. If you don't sort out your garbage, it won't be collected, and you can even be fined. If you have to start sorting out the waste when the skip bin has already been delivered, the bin will have to stay on your property longer, which only means you will also pay more. Therefore, sort out all the waste you intend to get rid of.

Overfilling Your Skip Bin

Skip bins should only be filled up to a certain level. In fact, the bins usually have a mark on the inside indicating the maximum level to which you should fill them. That's usually done to prevent littering the streets when the garbage is being transported. If you overfill your skip bin, it won't be collected, and you may also face some penalties. Also, if you decide to reduce some of the garbage, you may have to hire another skip bin, which will only be a waste since a lot of space will end up being unused. To avoid problems with overfilling your skip bin, always hire the right size. To get this right, estimate the amount of garbage you have and choose a size that's slightly larger than you think you will need.


15 May 2018

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